About our Club

About our Club

Chichester Bird Club is a friendly society of caged bird enthusiasts who meet monthly and hold regular shows and events. We participate in shows at club, regional and national level, and our members have many years’ worth of experience and prizes under their belts.

We are widely renowned as one of the best bird clubs in Sussex. One of our guiding principles is passing on knowledge to others – and our monthly meetings contain regular guest speaker slots in which members of our club, and other clubs, hold talks about their particular area of expertise.

North Mundham Village Hall - the club's home since 1989

North Mundham Village Hall – the club’s home since 1989


A Brief History

Chichester Caged Bird Society was formed in 1954. The first venue was at the Ritz pub, until 1961 when the club moved to William Morris House where meetings were held for the rest of the 1960s.

In 1970 there was a change of venue to the refreshment rooms at Chichester Cattle Market, then again in early 1975 when the club took up residence in New Park Road Community Centre.

This remained the club’s home for many years, and since then there has been only one further change of venue. In 1989 the club moved to North Mundham Village Hall, and has been there for over 25 years.

We have a strong sense of continuity at the club, with many members having an association that goes back decades – our longest serving member has been with the club for over 50 years!


Every day you can learn more to keep birds happy and healthy in our wonderful hobby. Like all clubs, a younger element will always be most welcome. Hopefully our website will give us a wider base to attract younger new members.




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